Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"New Dawn" Rose Love...

New Dawn Rose in my backyard... I love this climbing rose. It is easy to grow and a fast climber. I never have to spray it and the thorns are'nt bad. I love the light pink soft color and heady fragrance. One of my favorite plants!! Yummy!!

These New Dawn Roses are blooming at L's Garden just in time for a wedding shower that she is hosting this weekend!

These New Dawn Roses were spotted at a garden that was "on tour" this past weekend. I just had to share them with you. Adorable miniature table and chairs, I suppose for the grandkids?

and roses on the fence by the pool!

These New Dawn Roses were climbing up the Pool House at a different garden on the tour... fabulous!

How cute are these gals on the tour with their boots on!! They were going to need those boots too, because we got back on the tour bus and the heavens opened up.............poured down rain for the rest of the day!

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ben said...

So delicate & yet so self-reliant???!!! Could it be that I am ready to start a relationship with a rose again?

Where was this garden tour? Amazing roseage.