Wednesday, June 17, 2009


My friends, Anna and Abby and I tried to go on the Garden tour on Sunday........let's just say I had the date wrong! Darn!! So we decided to make our own fun. Now I must point out that the three of us have lived in this fantastic town, Franklin Tennessee, each for a long time. Just when you think you've seen it all, something special reveals itself. While driving through town and chatting away, like girls will do...Abby squeals from the back seat.........."What IS THAT??!! Anna, turn around! I just saw some kind of sculpture or something. We have to check it out!" Anna couldn't turn aroung fast enough, we were all giddy with the anticipation of something good. Really good! Check out what we found!!This glorious sculpture!! I spied the studio on the back of the property with the door open. Yes, we will meet the artist himself.
Meet the delightful Kris Nethercutt.

and his delightful, whimsical sculptures............

made of found and usually free materials........

car parts, mufflers and such.........

better than any old old garden tour, and unexpected. It was a true joy to discover this artist right within our beautiful town. A delight! Kris makes gorgeous custom made curtain rods "to pay the bills", but his true love is making unique-one of a kind sculptures.

that just make you SMILE!!

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