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Suzi said...

Couple of questions...

Are the chenille pumpkins sewn? or are the real pumpkins with the chenille stuck on them? and

What's the lovely white flower vine? clemitis?

Thanks, What a pretty blog, found through Pinterest :)

erin said...

thanks suzi! the chenille pumpkins are indeed "sewn" from old chenille blankets...i did not make them though...i buy them from a lady at the nashville flea market....and the lovely white vine is sweet autumn clematis.

Tracy P said...

Hi !
Love your Blog & website , your home & garden are so inviting and lovely !
I so want the Chenille Pumpkins ! My BFF and I are coming to Nashville Oct 30 - Nov 3 for the CMA's to celebrate our Big 50 birthdays. When is the FLea Market ? Any chance you can get Rita's info or give her mine and I could order some pumpkins ? Thank you
Tracy P

erin said...

thanks tracy,
the nashville flea market is oct. 26-28th. i'll try to contact rita for you....

mrszutell said...

hi erin, i love your site :)
i also would love the contact info for rita.
i love the chenille pumpkins as much as you do!
so pretty.
we used to live in nashville and i miss it soooo much!
thank you , cathy z

Smash Party Entertainment said...

I love the bottles on the top of the mantle - I cant find them anywhere. Cn you guide me. Ive come up with almost every name for them but no luck

Help please :)