Thursday, June 9, 2011

french candle holders as tomato stakes...

sure ...why not?

recently, i purchased two french candle holders. have you noticed that most antique dealers are saying their items are french now? anyway, that is what i was told (that they are french).......i like them even if they are not french. they are really tall. on five foot rods and have rusty goodness. i took them for a walk inside the house and for the life of me, could not find a place to stick them?
i used to live out in the country (in leipers fork...isn't that a funny name?)......i used to have a really big veggie garden and at one time had 36 tomato plants. that's a lot of maters! if there was even the slightest blemish on a tomato, i would just throw it into the field.

when we moved to this house (ten years ago), on the golf course, i started with a pretty big veggie garden. i also started a gardening business. which kind took some of the fun out of doing my own gardens, after all it can be physically draining. we also have deer marauding the gardens here.

i have a LOVE/HATE relationship with the deer.

gee...this tomato looks like she needs to shave her legs.

after fighting with the deer for years and schlepping the hose over to the veggie garden at the back of the yard.......i have given up. the deer won.

i now have tomatoes,

in pots,

on my deck,

clinging to fancy french candle holders.

ooh la la


Razmataz said...

I know what you mean about the French thing....grain sacks, chairs, it's all French. Nevertheless, this is beautiful Erin.

Hope you are well. It must be HOT being a gardener nowadays.

Debra@Common Ground said...

I like to say "frenchy", sheesh. not everything can come from France! LOL! and I adore your frenchy candle holder/tomato stakes!xoxo Debra

Glenda/MidSouth said...

I know what you are saying about the "french" thing - it is definitely overdone.
I do like your candle holder. I have not put candles in the courtyard yet this year - it got hot fast and have spent very little time outside in the evenings.
Enjoy your evening.

Petite Michelle Louise said...

they're just beautiful!

A Rosy Note said...

Oh, this looks pretty! Aren't you clever?! I know what you mean about the French thing...I've been thinking the same exact thing :)

summersundays-jw said...

Doesn't matter to me if they're French or not -- they are so cool as tomato stakes. Jan

letrecivette said...

This looks is so lovely!
great day!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said... magic. YOU.....are magical. This summer is gonna be fun, girl, I KNOW IT!!! LOVE YOUR IDEAS! Anita

It's me said...

They are so doesn't matter where they come from...enjoy a happy weekend

poppilinnstudios said...

What a pretty idea. After I saw this post I stepped outside and saw my tomatoes clinging to their boring bamboo stakes...I need to beautify my veggie garden! Thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

The most beautiful mato stake I've ever seen. Brilliant, Erin! :)

At my house, the deer & rabbits wait until something is just about to bloom, and then they munch the flower head off. Right now I'm replanting everything on the west side of the house because some underground critter tore it all up last fall. How crazy is it to make galvanized screen boxes 3'W x 10'L x 1'D, bury them at ground level, and then replant everything? Crazy. But I really want a successful little flower garden around the house!

Hubby just shakes his head... :)

Enjoy your très élégant tomatoes!

Anonymous said...


we have a huge deer population on the island.

i was at a huge garage sale once, and you woulda thought the deer were shopping. people don't intimidate them at all.

loved the snuffed out candle. it corresponds with your story.

Fabiana said...

This is the best idea I've seen all day! I love it!

ciao from Newport Beach

Carole said...

Yes I know what u mean about the french thing....and I am french. What there are no other countries out there selling stuff? Geesh.

Love your photos though only able to view thru my internet.


Heaven's Walk said...

Cute idea, Erin! They work just perfectly there - and make your 'matoes look very French! lolol!

xoxo laurie

koralee said...

Way tooooo adorable! Happy weekend my friend oxoxx

PK Studios said...

Okay, you're cracking me up with the tomato vine that needs to shave her legs! Maybe she's French too! LOL!!! She does look lovely with her candlestick mate... brilliant. I wish Tennesse wasn't so far away from Ojai, I'd come peek over your fence at your fabulous garden!

Becca said...

What a great look this is Erin! I love the rusted candle holders with the white candles & tomato plants..your garden is gorgeous!

Don said...

Your tomatoes are... smokin'!