Sunday, May 1, 2011

~gorgeous "swamp jessamine" blooming on one of my arbors....

my favorite evergreen vine for the south.

do you stop to smell the flowers and appreciate the beauty all around you?

~why, yes i do keep my christmas lights up all year. it's so pretty at night.

i am so very, very fortunate to have such pretty things around me....

you never know when, in a blink of an eye (the eye of a storm)

ALL can be taken away.

last wednesday, terrible storms ripped through the south. it was a very long and dark day. at one point, i put my cats in our safe place, when the threat of a tornado was near. luckily, we suffered no damage. but my poor neighbors in alabama, well they suffered through devastating tornadoes...the likes of which we have never seen. my heart is breaking for the people who lost their homes, their livelihood and the LIVES of loved ones.

if you would like to help the people of alabama, even in a small way, i have included a link with a list of ways you can help.

and of course PRAYERS are always accepted.

i am joining suzan for project genesis where you can share ideas of how to create change.


Razmataz said...

It is dreadful what has happened in Alabama, especially that these tornadoes were unlike any other in width and how long they touched down. Weather can be very frightening.

I also leave Christmas lights up in the garden, however, the squirrels keep eating through the wires....I am not sure how they don;t get a shock.

oldgreymare said...

An important link at a very sorrowful time. I am watching the news again this morning and the sadness continues to grow.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning beautiful one...I am glad to hear that you are safe, but what a difficult thing to deal with when we realize that someone else was not in safety's embrace..I will go to the link. Happy day, Anita

Becca said...

You have a lovely outdoor area Erin. I too have lights in the garden. Very sad what has happened in the south, I am praying for them.

It's me said...

I am so glad that you are safe darling.....and so sad for the peolple in Alabama.....praying for them......your garden looks so nice!! happy sunday love

Glenda/MidSouth said...

A very sad time for so many - so much loss of life and devastation.
I have 2 spiral topiaries with white lights that I use year round.
Keep your boat handy - more rain on its way. :(

Carolyn said...

You are indeed blessed to be surrounded by such beauty.
My heart and prayers also go out to the people of Alabama.
Take care,

KarenB said...

It's always good to reflect on your blessings when other's are dealing with loss. Perspective is always a good thing. We have so much to be thankful for! Your patio and arbor are beautiful! It's the little things that make life sweet. Hugs,

Theresa said...

Thank you for the links. I have family in AL., thankfully they are all o.k. my prayers are with the entire state. xoxo

Cobalt Violet said...

So glad to hear you didn't have any damage but it's so sad about Alabama. Thank you for the link.

These are so pretty Erin! I have been a little m.i.a. with blogging and visiting because of school and leaving town, but it's so great coming back to all of this gorgeousness! Thank you!!! Take care Erin!

michelle said...

I am so glad that you are safe and my heart breaks for those who were in the devastating path. I have a few friends that live in Alabama and luckily they were not hurt either.
Your photos are beautiful and I love white pretty lights all year round. :)